This calculator enables engineers to determine pressure class/rating for PVC pressure pipe, using design values for

1) Working pressure and

2) Occasional surge (emergency surge) events.

Working Pressure and Occasional Surge Pressure :

For working pressure and occasional surge pressures, the equation used to calculate pressure capacity is known as the “ISO Equation” (the “Hoop Stress Formula”). The design pressure to be input into the calculator for occasional surge is the total pressure (not an addition to the working pressure).

Recurring Surge :

Cyclic surge design is beyond the scope of this calculator.

Hydrostatic Testing of Installed Pipelines :

Some pipelines may experience multiple transient events with different surge values (ex: multiple pump operations, downstream valve operations). Whether transient analysis or pressure monitoring is performed, different surge values can be added or removed by clicking the “Add Surge Pressure” or “Remove Surge Pressure” button.

Internal Pressure Design Calculator

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